About Me

Ethan Whitman, 6th Grader at Kealing Middle School

I was a nine-year-old kid in 4th Grade at Mills Elementary School in southwest Austin. My dad likes drinking a lot of Diet-Coke. He recycled the bottles, but the caps were not recyclable at the time. He noticed codes are under the caps and found that you could get personal rewards with the codes. My parents got the rewards but then a few months later, Coca-Cola company stopped letting people get the rewards. My dad kept the caps just in case it came back but it did not. My parents put the caps in the pantry and just left them there. During the pandemic, in the summer of 2020, my parents were cleaning out the pantry and they found the caps. My mom said that these caps are useless. I did not know how my parents put in the codes and got the rewards, but I checked the coke website and found that you could donate to schools. I told my parents and I put in some of the codes. After a few caps, I realized that if everybody was putting in the codes, the school would get way more donations.

I was planning what I could do with this fundraising idea and thought that making a website was the best way to spread the idea. I first did a free website just to test out WordPress. I did research and watched videos about how to use WordPress. Then, I got a free website started. Later, I bought a domain name and started another website, which is official. As you can see, this IS the website.

Just imagine if 1,000 of the 1,280 students at Kealing put 5 codes in per week, then Kealing would earn $250 per week! If we kept that going for a year, $13,000 will be heading to Kealing! Our success relies upon YOU.

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