POLL! – – – How can I help the school more?

Thinking about trash

Hi, have you seen coke caps or coke wrappers? You would want to throw it away but don’t! On caps, look for the code under the cap. On wrappers, look underneath the wrapper. Just put the code in my form below and money will get donated to Mills Elementary!

Any coke product has codes.

FORM IS HERE – – – Who Donated?


  1. Get your coke product and find the code.
  2. Click on the form.
  3. Answer the questions then press submit.

Fill out all your codes in the form. It will say what to do when you have multiple codes.

I will get it processed very soon!

Give Thanks to Mrs. Mackay from the PTA, Mrs. Laney and Principal Beachum.

Cannot find the codes? Check these pictures above to locate the codes.

Sometimes there are caps on the ground. Don’t pass by the caps that you see. Just pick them up! It can help get the environment cleaner and it can also get money donated to the school!